Photo courtesy of David Sites.

Photo courtesy of David Sites.

Insurance Accepted


We have licensed clinicians in the mental health networks of the following insurers:

Please note: Finding your insurance carrier in the table below does not guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services. Likewise, not finding your carrier in the list below does not necessarily mean that your insurance company will not reimburse Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services. The matter is complicated by the fact that health insurance companies often subcontract management of some or all of their customers' mental (or "behavioral") health benefits to a different company. Thus, the best way to determine whether or not you can use your insurance to pay for services provided by a particular staff member at Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services is to call your insurance carrier.

Remember that even if your insurance is not listed here, we may still be in-network, and we can accept your insurance if you have out-of-network benefits.


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Some insurance carriers require psychological services to be preauthorized, or require a referral, so clients expecting to use insurance to pay for services should call the insurance carrier prior to the first appointment. During that call, clients should be sure to verify benefits, copayment amounts, our participation in the insurance network, and preauthorization for outpatient mental health services if preauthorization or a referral is required. The appropriate number to call is usually listed on the back of the insurance card as the number for behavioral or mental health, “preauthorization,” or “precertification;” otherwise, call the main number on the card. If you need assistance dealing with your insurance company, please contact Donna Windsor, our Billing Specialist, by calling 410-604-0226.